Quality Assurance


For all stationary ropes courses (i.e. high ropes courses, low ropes courses on poles, in trees or also in buildings), two different types of ropes course inspections apply:

  • Inaugural inspections of newly built ropes courses or inspections of ropes courses which have been rebuilt or modified
  • Regularly recurring or annual inspections

Criteria for these inspections can be found in GORAPS’s Professional Standards.

GORAP accredits inspection bodies in Europe who check that ropes courses meet GORAP’s current Professional Safety Standards as well as the current European Norm EN 15567:2007 (as soon as it will have been published). They are entitled to award GORAP inspection certificates to ropes courses which have met all respective safety standards without fail.

GORAP will continuously assess inspection bodies against specific quality management criteria. As part of the assessment of the suitability of inspection bodies, GORAP thoroughly evaluates candidates against the following criteria:

  • Professional knowledge, expertise and qualifications as well as practical experience of inspectors
  • Impartiality in the context of their work as professional inspectors
  • Existence of relevant and valid insurance policies