Choose your own adventure with various obstacle courses, skill levels, elements and pathways to explore. You decide the degree of difficulty that suits your confidence level. Knowing that you will be fully harnessed and secured at all times.

GORAP has over 10 kilometres of obstacles that start from a range of Stations. These are from ground level to 60 feet. Our ground based obstacles cater for young nippers to SAS military-styled obstacles that run through, trees, hills, billabongs and ropes. All obstacles are unique and exhilarating allowing  to rediscover adventure..

GORAP delivers an exciting eco-tourism adventure experience. Our aerial forest adventure towers are more than 60 feet from the ground and provide a variety of courses that are fun for all ability levels. Participants are fitted with a safety harness and taken through a safety demonstration, fitted with gloves and are then free to navigate their chosen treetop courses.

Slide, balance, jump, crawl, dash, swing or stroll.  Adventure parks combine the novelty of being high above the ground with physical challenge.  Popular in Europe for many years, GORAP blends the beauty of the region with a sense of adventure. Our high ropes course elements with zip lines, climbing walls and bridges.

Our obstacle courses can be tailored to a range of experiences from outings that require only moderate exertion and allow participants to traverse and explore the canopy to physically demanding and emotionally challenging aerial obstacle courses that become participants to return and improve their performance.