Environmental Management Plan

Our mission at GORAP is to become a benchmark for other eco-tourism businesses operating in wilderness locations and inspire and assist other local businesses within our community, with the ultimate aim of becoming a carbon neutral tourism destination.

Our goal is to protect and promote our pristine natural environment through the provision of unique, adventurous and educational activities with a minimal environmental footprint and sustainable operations

GORAP  EMP outlines the Park’s sustainability targets and implementation strategies to guide environmental management to 2015 and beyond. .

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a site-specific plan developed to ensure that all necessary measures are identified and implemented in order to protect the environment and comply with environmental legislation. Through this EMP, GORAP will provide ecotourism facilities displaying world’s best sustainability practice. The targets specified in the plan shall exceed statutory requirements with the intent that GORAP will innovate and lead in the global challenge of sustainability.

The EMP is designed on the following principles:

  • Exceeding world and Australian best sustainability practices, in particular for energy and water use.
  • Encouraging sustainability in the boarder community through outreach activities and demonstration projects.
  • Mainstreaming sustainability management across Park’s decision-making processes and operations.
  • Fostering and organisational culture for sustainability through responsibility, innovation and leadership.
  • Integrating sustainable campus management with professional development and academic programs.

Download a copy of our Environmental Management Plan